The BET Awards nomination list was announced on May 15th, with Dj Khaled leading the pack with six whooping nominations. Kendrick Lamar is right behind him with five, while Migos and Sza have four each. Other top nominees are Cardi B, Drake, Bruno Mars, Beyonce, Jay z and […]

Basketball Wives Premiere Review

Was anyone excited to watch the premiere of Basketball Wives last night? I actually was! Although my high expectations fell short, as it was not as exciting as I thought it would be. It seems like we are about to relive the same old drama from the past […]

Breaking In Review

James McTeigue’s Breaking in movie was released in theaters on May 11th. Has anyone seen the intense trailer of how a mom fights to rescue her kids from kidnappers that held them hostage in their grandfather’s house? Pretty sure that you have. My advice to you is that […]

IrokoTv’s My Wife & I Review

My Wife and I was released in the cinemas August last year but was just uploaded on IrokoTv on Thursday, May 10th. There was a lot of promotion and hype about this movie  from IrokoTv on social media, so it was definitely one of the movies that we […]