Category: What’s NOT good on Netflix?

How It Ends

About: How It Ends is about a mysterious disaster that turns the country into a war zone, while a young lawyer and his future father-in-law travel west to find his pregnant girlfriend. My rating of this movie is a 3/10.  

Netflix’s Kissing Booth Review

  Netflix’s newest teen romantic movie, Kissing Booth was released on May 11th, and I have to say that it was quite disappointing. This is definitely the most cheesy and predictable movie I have seen in a very long time. To be as direct as possible, I would […]

Netlix Movie: The Titan Review

The Titan is a Netflix original movie that was released on  March 30, 2018. In this movie, a scientist believes that the only way to save people from dying in an overpopulated earth is to make Titan, a moon in Saturn, a new home for humans; so he […]