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About: Ozark is an american dark crime drama about a family that is involuntarily involved in money laundering for a Mexican cartel and just seem to attract more trouble with every creative idea they get along the way. This tv show is a Netflix original and currently has […]

The Sinner

About: The Sinner is a crime drama mystery based on a novel about a young mother that inexplicably stabs a stranger to death and a very disturbed detective that works to put the pieces together to explain the motive behind the killing. The Tv show currently has only one […]

Basketball Wives Premiere Review

Was anyone excited to watch the premiere of Basketball Wives last night? I actually was! Although my high expectations fell short, as it was not as exciting as I thought it would be. It seems like we are about to relive the same old drama from the past […]

What’s good on Netflix this week?

About: 13 Reasons Why is a netflix original show that revolves around Hannah Baker, a high school student that commits suicide and leaves behind a series of tapes detailing her reasons for taking her life. There are thirteen tapes and each one of them is about a particular […]