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About: This comedy series is centered around the everyday struggles of black women in the society, mainly with relationships. Issa is in the perfect relationship but things take a bad turn when she has an encounter with her ex boyfriend. Molly, Issa’s best friend, is a successful black […]

The Tale Movie Review

The Tale is a movie directed by Jennifer Fox detailing her personal experience with sexual abuse at age 13. This movie has very disturbing graphics of an older man having sexual encounters with a young girl. Some of the scenes were so disturbing that I struggled with watching […]

Fahrenheit 451 Movie Review

Fahrenheit 451 was released on HBO on May 19th, 2018. Before I begin my review, I have to say that I was very disappointed in this movie. The trailer definitely seemed like it was going to be such an intense movie and it just…wasn’t! Actually, it was a […]