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How It Ends

About: How It Ends is about a mysterious disaster that turns the country into a war zone, while a young lawyer and his future father-in-law travel west to find his pregnant girlfriend. My rating of this movie is a 3/10.  

The Sinner

About: The Sinner is a crime drama mystery based on a novel about a young mother that inexplicably stabs a stranger to death and a very disturbed detective that works to put the pieces together to explain the motive behind the killing. The Tv show currently has only one […]

Skyscraper Movie Review

Skyscraper, the latest Dwayne Johnson movie out in theaters now is all about a man that would go to dangerous lengths to save his family, including hanging from a skyscraper! In this movie, Dwayne Johnson plays Will Sawyer, a former FBI agent that gets a new job as […]

Counterfeiting in Suburbia

About: Counterfeiting in Suburbia is about two high school teenagers that print counterfeit money in their art room and illegally exchange this money for real money until their art teacher becomes suspicious and things begin to go terribly wrong. Movie was released on July 5th on Netflix in […]

Ocean’s 8 Movie Review

Ocean’s 8 is definitely a must see! It actually exceeded my expectations, as I really was not expecting it to be that good. I have watched so many movies that were packed with stars that flopped, but this one excelled beyond my imaginations. Okay, lets get into what […]