Skyscraper Movie Review

Skyscraper, the latest Dwayne Johnson movie out in theaters now is all about a man that would go to dangerous lengths to save his family, including hanging from a skyscraper! In this movie, Dwayne Johnson plays Will Sawyer, a former FBI agent that gets a new job as the head of security for the tallest and safest building in Hong Kong, and lives with his family in that building. The building comes under attack by terrorists that set the building on fire while Sawyer’s family is still on one of the floors under attack. Sawyer has been set up to take the fall for this attack, but in the midst of it all, he finds a way to rescue his family that is trapped inside the building.

What did i think about this movie? I loved it! It is very captivating and takes suspense to another length. It has those scenes that make you close your eyes because you are so scared that anything could go wrong. The scene were he has to hold the bridge for his wife to grab his son and walk all the way back was one of the most nerve racking scenes I have ever watched. I really liked the movie because it was able to paint a clear picture of how dangerous every event was. So many movies like this these days end up with very unrealistic scenes but in this movie, it just seemed like a desperate man that would do anything to save his family.

My only issue with this movie was the fact that the whole world was watching this man jump from window to window on this tall skyscraper and there was really no helicopter sent to rescue him. Not even when he was literally dangling and nearly losing his life. That really bugged me. It just seemed like the cops were busy trying to decide who the bad guy was, while everyone watched Sawyer in a dangerous situation on a big screen. It might have been a little more realistic if they incorporated some scenes where they actually put in some effort in rescuing him, instead of just giving up because it was “too hot” up there!

This movie was pretty good and is definitely a must-see this summer. Just get ready because it is like a roller coaster and you would most likely be grabbing your friend’s arm every minute. Fun movie!

I would rate this movie a 9/10.

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