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The Tale Movie Review

The Tale is a movie directed by Jennifer Fox detailing her personal experience with sexual abuse at age 13. This movie has very disturbing graphics of an older man having sexual encounters with a young girl. Some of the scenes were so disturbing that I struggled with watching them completely.

The movie is about Jennifer being sexually abused by her coach, Bill. The movie starts with a 40 year old Fox receiving a call from her mother after she had found an essay that Fox wrote when she was 13, detailing her sexual experiences with Bill, who was 40 at the time. Jennifer re-reads the essay and begins to do her research about that time of her life.  We are taken back to the past and see how Jennifer met Bill and Mrs G in a summer camp and eventually started having a sexual relationship with Bill. The movie alternates between the past and present, with the older Jennifer as a filmmaker and professor. During her research, she meets up with the older Mrs G and some other girls that were in the summer camp with her then. She is later informed that Bill would be getting an award and ends up going there to confront him about sexually abusing her at such a young age. The movie ends with Jennifer having a panic attack in the bathroom after the confrontation.

This movie is so touchy that reviewing it is a little difficult, but has to be done. The first half of this movie is borderline boring. The message about sexual abuse was very clear but the telling of the story itself was very poor. To make it worse, there were those graphic scenes in a very boring movie that just made me want to give up on the movie. I actually watched this movie in two sittings because it couldn’t keep my interest. It just seemed like so much pointless research at the beginning without any clear direction of where the movie was headed. The build up was very slow, but to actually enjoy this movie, you would have to give it a chance and wait. The second half was the total opposite of the first half, with Iris in the mix, Jennifer’s grandmother knowing about the affair, the revelation of Mrs G actually being the mastermind and Jennifer confronting Bill at the award ceremony. This movie really ignited a very touchy subject, but it is always great to watch a movie that is an actual reflection of those issues we find very uncomfortable to discuss.

I would rate this movie a 7/10.

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