Netflix’s Kissing Booth Review



Netflix’s newest teen romantic movie, Kissing Booth was released on May 11th, and I have to say that it was quite disappointing. This is definitely the most cheesy and predictable movie I have seen in a very long time. To be as direct as possible, I would not recommend that you watch this movie, even if you are still in high school. High school romance is not this cheesy!

The movie starts off with two best friends, Elle and Lee, having rules for their friendship, which includes each other not dating family members. Elle clearly has a crush on Lee’s hot older brother, Noah, right from the beginning of the movie but tries to suppress it because she is unsure about Noah’s feelings and also doesn’t want to break the rules. Elle and Lee organize a kissing booth for a fundraising event at their school and Noah ends up kissing Elle before professing his feelings for her in a building on their way home. They both secretly start dating each other until Lee catches them kissing at his house and ends his friendship with Elle. As a result of this, Elle ends her relationship with Noah and tries to make things up with her best friend, Lee and eventually succeeds. After Noah proclaims his love for her on prom night, she realizes at the after party that she still loves Noah and tells Lee, who tells Noah, who dresses up as Lee and joins Elle in a car to look for Noah. Noah finally reveals that he is the one in the car and they are both happy as a couple, with the movie ending with Noah going off to college. Thanks to the “Kissing Booth”!!

How cheesy right?! All that was missing was some pizza and pepperoni to watch this! I understand that the creators were trying to depict teenage romance, but I’m sure every teenager would roll their eyes at their poor reflection. Why was the kissing booth a major theme in this movie? Apparently Elle and Noah already liked each other before the kissing booth, so this should not even have been the center of the movie at all, let alone the name of the movie! To make things worse, there were lots of very unrealistic scenes. Are we just supposed to believe that Elle and Noah were sneaking around for that long with Lee in the same house and never got caught? Even with all the jumping from each others windows like superman, no one almost caught them?! Don’t we all wish we had those kind of silent powers.

What was good about this movie? Noah! The directors definitely knew what they were doing by casting the very hot Jacob Elordi (Noah) in this movie. Ofcourse every girl wants to watch him, regardless of what he is playing! This is definitely one of the movies that you watch only because of the cast and not the storyline. Hey, did you guys know that Jacob Elordi (Noah)  and Joey King (Elle) are actual dating in real life?! How cute!

I would rate this movie a 2/10.

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