Netflix’s Ibiza Movie Review

Netflix’s original movie, Ibiza is a brilliant depiction of the craziest and wildest nights of the summer! This movie would have you all riled up for the summer and reliving your wildest summer days. Although sometimes I felt like the movie may have been trying a little too hard with some unrealistic scenes, but overall, it definitely was one of the best movies that depicted summer nightlife so well.

The movie begins with Harper having a meeting with her boss, where she finds out that she would be going  to Barcelona to win a prospective client. Harper informs her friends about this trip and they decide to go with her. From the first scene with Harper and her friends, you can already tell that this trip would be more of a vacation, as her two friends  seem like the ultimate “turn up” queens. Right from the beginning of this trip, the crazy vacation takes off with them chilling at the beach, where Nikki meets Diego, Harper’s work associate. They take up Diego’s offer to go clubbing, where Harper eventually meets the cute Dj, Leo. The rest of the movie is all about Harper crazily flying to Ibiza to see Leo again (and she does!) and having such a fun crazy night which causes her to lose her job, after Nikki tries to pretend that she is Harper for the business meeting (because Harper missed her flight for an awesome night with Leo). Crazy right?! Yup, crazy summer nights!

Some of the scenes that I think were a little over the edge were the ones that seemed a little unrealistic. Going to the cab drivers house so he can feed his dog is kind of pushing it a little, don’t ya think? Also the scene where they almost got into multiple accidents because the cab driver’s niece was trying to change her clothes in the car…a little too much for even a crazy night, but I guess. Those drugs can sure take you to the deep end! Overall, the movie was really good. I didn’t like the sudden end, as I obviously wanted her to fly to Tokyo and have another crazy night, but maybe thats for another movie.

I would rate this movie an 8/10

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