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Fahrenheit 451 Movie Review

Fahrenheit 451 was released on HBO on May 19th, 2018. Before I begin my review, I have to say that I was very disappointed in this movie. The trailer definitely seemed like it was going to be such an intense movie and it just…wasn’t! Actually, it was a pretty boring movie that I wish I never watched, but i struggled to finish it because I already promised you guys a review.

First, let me just say that this movie would have you very confused at the beginning. I found myself going back to the movie description atleast three times just to clearly understand what the movie was actually about and also to give myself some hope that it would finally get interesting. So this movie attempts to depict a dystopian future where firemen are starting fires mainly to burn books to prevent people from reading them. The fire is broadcast to the citizens to watch as these books are destroyed and their owners are apprehended. Guy, a fireman, begins to grow skeptical about this act and starts questioning the reasoning behind it after he watches a woman burn herself with her books strapped around her. He hides one of her books and ends up reading it at his apartment. He eventually teams up with Clarisse to go against the government in an attempt to preserve history.

The movie is partially relatable in the sense that it actually depicts some of the events actually taking place in our society, with the government trying to control what the public should know about. Obviously books are not being burned yet, but it definitely seems like we are slowly getting close to that. So the concept of this movie is very clear, however the movie just depicts it in such a poor way. Guy’s switch to the other side was so abrupt. Yes, the event with the lady burning herself was a little intense, however Guy had not really shown any doubt in the system before then, so for him to just go full on against the government after that event just seemed like the creators were rushing the movie. There just wasn’t enough build up before the climax of the movie, which made it pretty hard to actually connect with the events taking place. This movie definitely had the potential being great, but just lacked the major substance: a good storyline.

I would rate this movie a 4/10.


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