Solo: A Star Wars Story Review

Before reviewing this movie, I would like to point out that this is my very first Star Wars movie ever, so my thoughts on this movie may be a little different from those of a die hard Star Wars fan. However, I had some conversations with some Star Wars fans and they seemed to second my feeling about this movie and mentioned that this was one of the most interesting Star Wars movie they had seen. To my surprise, I really enjoyed the movie!The beginning of the movie was a pretty boring but promising. It was obvious that the story was building up, slowly but surely! We see why and how Han Solo became a smuggler to save his childhood lover, Qi’ra.

After Qi’ra is captured during her escape with Solo, he vows to return to get her back. Solo immediately signs up to become a pilot, with the hope that he can own a ship one day and return for Qi’ra. Years later, Solo teams up with Chewbacca, Tobias Beckett and his crew for a heist that goes wrong and leaves Beckett indebted to Dryden Vos. The rest of the movie is centered around Solo’s new crew, which includes Qi’ra and Lando, carrying out a very dangerous heist for Dryden. Qi’ra ends up killing Dryden and betraying Solo.

The movie was very adventurous, with very thrilling action scenes, especially if you watch this in 3D. I would advise that this movie is seen in 3D, simply because it is STAR WARS and you will get that feeling of being on a different planet entirely. The first action scene that left Val dead was pretty intense, with the pirates and the train that kept making those dangerous turns. This was actually one of the best scenes of the movie and also the exact scene where the movie became interesting. The other action scene where they stole the Coaxium was not as intense as it should have been and served more as one of the many comedic scenes. Overall, the the movie was really good, with the ending showing how Solo came to own the Millennium Falcon.

I would rate this movie an 8/10.


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  1. This is an excellent review that greatly encapsulates the positive aspects of Solo: A Star Wars Story. Plus, I greatly appreciated your vantage point. There are too few reviews of new Star Wars films from the uninitiated.

    I think that Solo: A Star Wars Story is a fascinating inversion of the burgeoning adolescence theme of the saga. Unfortunately, in execution, the theme has no emotional resonance due to a deficient central performance.

    You can find out more by reading my review below.

    If you find the piece to your liking, then please comment and follow.


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