13 Reasons Why Season 2 Review

13 Reasons Why Season 2 had some big shoes to fill with it’s successful first season. I wasn’t too sure why exactly there was a second season, as season one seemed to have told a well rounded story, but I guess the creators of the show wanted to go into more details that were not revealed in season 1. Well, they definitely went into more details although not every one would agree with their relevance. Let me just say that I actually enjoyed the second season, but there were some real lows that could have been completely left out to make it more enjoyable.

The first five episodes of season 2 were pretty boring! It seemed like the writers just felt like stretching this show out but struggled with it’s content. For the first half of the show, Baker’s mother is in court for the suit she filed against the school and the students receive subpoenas to testify in court. Courtney reveals that she is a lesbian, Alex and Clay urge Jessica to testify against Bryce, Alex fights to recover his lost memories and Marcus lies in court to protect his status. Nothing really in the first part of this show provides any relevant information that we didn’t already have in the first season. But hang in there! I almost gave up too, but the second half gave me hope. The best parts of this season actually start from the sixth episode after Justin’s return.

After Justin’s return, everything started unraveling pretty quickly and the long awaited drama started unfolding. We learn that Hannah lost her virginity to Zach, which was a major shocker! Mr Poter loses his job after testifying against the school, Justin testifies against Bryce in court, Clay nearly shoots Bryce and Jessica finally files a rape report at the station and eventually speaks her truth in court. A lot right?! While most of this drama was going on, Tyler’s story was gradually building up and it was becoming very apparent that something tragic would be the end result.

Now lets talk about the most controversial scene in this season, Tyler’s rape. I remember watching this scene for only three seconds and closing my eyes because I just couldn’t bring myself to watch this horrific event. The creators of this show definitely wanted to paint a vivid picture of sexual harassment in high school, but some believe that they may have gone too far. Honestly, I think they did a great job there! Just because something is uncomfortable to watch doesn’t mean it should be swept under the rug. These are events that are taking place in our high schools and they should be brought to light so that the appropriate actions are taken to prevent tragic results.

Tyler almost shooting up the school dance was another scene that tried to really show events that are currently occurring, however, I must admit that this scene was a total fail. Clay standing infront of the gun and talking Tyler down should never have happened, as this is not what we want ANYONE to do in that situation. So if they were trying to depict real life events, then they should have made that scene a little more realistic. It seemed like they didn’t put in much time and effort towards the end of the show.

Circling back to previous scenes, lets talk about the one with Jessica in the court where we started seeing different characters attempt to depict females that have gone through sexual harassment. This was an epic fail, as there was a lack of emotional connection in that scene. One minute, you are feeling very emotional about Jessica’s experience and the next, you are seeing different cast members speaking for women in general. Somewhere between the time that it takes to actually realize that these cast member are not talking about their own experiences, but other women, the emotion is totally lost, which is probably the exact opposite of what they were trying to achieve.

Another major epic fail was the feeling of empathy towards Baker’s experience. I wasn’t too sure if they wanted us to feel sorry for Baker or not. Seems like they did a great job at painting Baker in a bad light in season 2, where it was revealed that Baker was a bully in her previous school and may also have been sexually active with some of the boys that were accused of triggering her suicide, including Bryce. Those little details about Baker had a way of tarnishing her image and caused most viewers to retract their feeling of empathy towards her.

Overall, the second season was good. Some scenes and content could have been developed better, but they did a good job in showing real events that we need to have conversations about in the society. High school bullying needs to be addressed and this show definitely portrays bullying and suicide triggers in the most uncomfortable way possible.

I would rate this show (season 2) a 7/10.



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