Deadpool 2 Review

Deadpool 2 is definitely a must-see for everyone! It was much better than the first one, which is huge to say because the first one was pretty good. Although the first one focused mainly on his past with not as much drama, this one had more action without losing its comedic flavor.

The movie began with Deadpool blowing himself up and then taking us back in time to show why he made that decision. It quickly unfolds that his fiancee, Vanessa was murdered during  a shoot out with some criminals at his home. Deadpool becomes very depressed, while Colossus attempts to make him feel better and encourages him to join the X-men. We are quickly reminded that the movie is not about Deadpool’s self pity as soon as an event occurs with a young mutant, Russell A.K.A Firefist. This is where all the action really begins.

Russel becomes very destructive with his powers and the movie is centered around trying to save Russel from himself.  Cable, another mutant from the future and a very familiar face from Avengers Infinity War, travels back in time to kill Russel because he has seen in the future that the young mutant would eventually kill his family. Deadpool convinces Cable to give him some time to stop Russel from becoming a killer. This becomes Deadpool’s main assignment in this movie, as he puts together a group he calls ‘X Force’ to save the day.  Unfortunately, this doesn’t go nearly as planned, as the group cannot even save themselves! This movie turns into a full on comedy show when Deadpool starts recruiting mutants and non mutants to his crew. Pretty much everyone that auditioned for this team made the cut, including Domino, whose superpower is her good luck! Obviously this team didn’t make it to the end of the day, as everyone on the team died for totally dumb reasons, leaving only Deadpool and Domino.

Although Deadpool ends up dying while trying to stop Russel from killing the Headmaster, Cable uses his time traveling powers to rewrite the past and prevent Deadpool’s death. It quickly becomes apparent that time travel is a major theme in this movie, as Deadpool takes advantage of this superpower to change all his past mistakes, regardless of their relationship with the movie! Some of those mistakes would definitely leave you cracking up for sure.

This movie had the perfect mix of comedy and action. Deadpool 2 definitely raises the bar high and surpasses all expectations.  I really enjoyed this movie and found myself laughing hard and also sitting at the edge of my seat. The action took me back to when I was watching Avengers Infinity War but then the comedy reminded me that it was actually Deadpool! Would definitely see this movie again.

I would rate this movie a 9/10.

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