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Basketball Wives Premiere Review

Was anyone excited to watch the premiere of Basketball Wives last night? I actually was! Although my high expectations fell short, as it was not as exciting as I thought it would be. It seems like we are about to relive the same old drama from the past season.

So Evelyn and Jennifer are now besties again, Jackie and Evelyn still hate each other and now Evelyn and Tammy are no longer friends. Seems like this season would be revolving around Evelyn! Is it just me or does anyone else see how fake Evelyn is? Like I just can’t stand that woman! Evelyn talks so much about how she has changed but her actions speak much louder than her words and it just fuels the drama of this show.

Lets talk about the interesting parts of this premiere. Jackie and Evelyn definitely still have some bad blood that spilled from last season when Jackie brought up Evelyn’s daughter in an argument to prove a point. Did anyone else watch that episode where Jackie said what if she believed that Shaniece was a “build-a-whore”, as the internet portrayed her to be? Was I the only one that CLEARLY heard the “what if”?! Evelyn definitely took it the wrong way and as a result, we still have this unnecessary beef in this season. I was a little surprised that Jackie’s daughter went up to Evelyn to try to fix things with Evelyn and her mother at Malaysia’s party. Seems like more drama is to be expected from that end, as Jackie constantly sees Evelyn as a threat to her family.

Now moving on to the most interesting part of this premiere, and of course this season, Evelyn VS Tammy! I kind of saw this coming as their friendship last season was a little weird, and also because Tammy kind of supported Jackie during the whole beef with Evelyn. In this episode, Evelyn makes jokes about Tammy to Shaunie, and you already know how Tammy is! She took it P!  Shaunie is so freaking SHADY! What kind of friend goes back and forth to tell their “friends” what is being said about each other? In my book, that is #shady! Don’t pretend to help people fix their problems with each other if you are one of the problem!

From the sneak peek of what to expect this season, we can see that there is about to be MAJOR drama between Tammy and Evelyn, Jackie and Evelyn, Malaysia and her family, and Shaunie and Evelyn. Did y’all see where Jennifer told Shaunie that her and Tammy have spoken about Evelyn sleeping with Shaunie’s ex?! That was very juicy!!! Lots of drama to be expected this season, hopefully most of it would not be focused on Evelyn and Jackie, as we have already watched that season before! Didn’t really see any direct blowouts in the sneak peak, so hopefully this season would not only be filled with gossips, but also with some interesting direct confrontations.


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