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IrokoTv’s My Wife & I Review

My Wife and I was released in the cinemas August last year but was just uploaded on IrokoTv on Thursday, May 10th. There was a lot of promotion and hype about this movie  from IrokoTv on social media, so it was definitely one of the movies that we were all looking forward to watching. I must say that after watching this movie, I definitely have mixed feelings about it.

First of all, if you have watched Switch that stars Alexx Ekubo on IrokoTv, then you would be very disappointed in this movie. Switch, the movie that has almost exactly the same storyline was uploaded on the platform before My Wife and I. So it is very hard to not feel like you are watching exactly the same movie again with different faces! My advice to you all that have seen Switch is that you save yourself from this agony by not watching this movie!

The storyline of the movie was just okay.  Toyosi and Ebere are very unhappy in their marriage mainly because they don’t understand each other’s perspectives on situations. They see a pastor that miraculously makes them switch bodies and eventually understand each other and fall in love again. Not a bad storyline at all.

What I liked about this movie was that it was packed with so many faces that we love like Ramsey Nouah, Omoni Oboli, Bolanle Ninalowo, Bimbo Ademoye and many others; and it was hilarious. The scenes with Seyi Law playing the role of a very “interesting” pastor to say the least would have you cracking up. The movie definitely  passes as a comedy with those funny pastor scenes.

Now what I didn’t like about this movie was that there was hardly any drama in it. It was just focused on them playing each other’s roles and nothing else. Nothing at all to make you sitting at the edge of your seat in this movie. If you are looking for drama and suspense, then you have landed on the wrong movie my dear. To be honest with you, I watched this movie in three sittings because it just couldn’t keep my interest.

Overall, I would rate this movie a 4/10.

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