Breaking In Review

James McTeigue’s Breaking in movie was released in theaters on May 11th. Has anyone seen the intense trailer of how a mom fights to rescue her kids from kidnappers that held them hostage in their grandfather’s house? Pretty sure that you have. My advice to you is that you do not fall for this trailer, as it is much better than the movie itself!

This movie just has cliche written all over it. Shaun Russell, played by Union, arrives at her father’s home with her two teenage kids, where they are eventually taken hostage by thieves trying to break into a safe with $4 million in the house. Shaun transforms into this Liam Neeson character that fights to save her family. Sounds interesting right? It wasn’t.

Lets start with the basics here. There is no background story on this family at all! Nada! We have no idea who Shaun is, what she does or anything else except that she is a woman that just lost her father and is married with kids. It was also very confusing why they were even at her father’s house for the weekend being that they had no relationship with him. Watching this movie would make you struggle to answer all these relevant questions that were just left for us to figure out.

The action in this film was extremely dull and the storyline was just good enough to make you finish a movie because you already bought the movie ticket. If you have seen this movie already, then I’m sure that you can relate. Very disappointed that Union played this role, as she deserves much better than this. This movie was very predictable and lacked every bit of suspense that drives action thrillers like this. Union’s great acting skills were not even able to save this movie from being a total reck.

If you were thinking about taking your mother on an amazing movie date to see this movie, then my honest advice is that you don’t, because your mother definitely deserves better than watching a movie that didn’t make the cut.

My rating of this movie is a 4/10.


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