Netlix Movie: The Titan Review

The Titan is a Netflix original movie that was released on  March 30, 2018. In this movie, a scientist believes that the only way to save people from dying in an overpopulated earth is to make Titan, a moon in Saturn, a new home for humans; so he chooses people to become part of an experiment that develops humans to become adaptable to Titan. It is later discovered that he was dishonest about the experiment, as the test subjects begin to change into really creepy  violent creatures. Okay so now that I have given a brief overview about this movie, let’s dive into my review.

This movie seemed very promising at the beginning. Usually movies that are centered around scientific experiments have turned out to be a win for me, so I was all in on this movie. After the first couple of scenes, the movie is just plain slow. It’s like you are waiting for something to happen that just isn’t happening. Thirty minutes into the movie and the movie is still slowly building up. Majority of the movie is just centered around test subjects dying, while Rick and his wife begin to notice changes to his body. Finally Rick completes the experiment and his looks change drastically. He looks like a reptile in a human form and it is just plain gross. Anyway, I thought that we would finally reach the climax of the movie where all the action takes place, but the action was just really boring.

Have you ever watched a movie with so much hope that something interesting would happen until it ends in the most stupid way possible? I did, The Titan! To sum up the action for you guys, they tried to force Rick into going to Titan, his wife switched the medicine so he killed some soldiers instead and tried to flee with his family but got surrounded. The scientist asked the soldiers to kill the family but they decided to turn the gun on the scientist , so Rick ended up being saved and kept in something that looked like an incubator so that he could recover! Yup, that was how the movie ended. Very disappointing! This movie definitely had the potential to be an awesome story but it just seems like the writer got really lazy with the storyline.

My rating of this movie is a 2/10.


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