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Davido – Assurance Video Review

Davido released the music video of his very hyped song “Assurance” that starred his girlfriend, Chioma Avril. Incase you have not been following up with Nigerian celebrity news lately, Chioma is the girl that seems to have stolen Davido’s heart. Their relationship has been highly publicized on social media, with the singer openly declaring his love for her. The video was released the same day that Davido presented Chioma with a Porsche for her birthday gift. Huge declaration of love right?!

If you are yet to watch the video, then you are definitely on a long thing. I have uploaded the video for you below!


I really loved the video, as it has amazing visuals! I have no idea where it was filmed, but  that definitely looks like an island of love. I like how playful and romantic they were in the video. You could feel their connection and it was so real. I was very happy that Chioma was just herself and did not try to act like a video vixen pro. My take on the song itself? Well I’m not a fan of it. I prefer his previous songs, like Flora my Flawa. But I’m not too bothered about the song, because after I have heard it a billion times which I am sure I will, I’m pretty sure that it would grow on me.

You can listen and download this song here.

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