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Wrong Kind of War Review

Today I decided to relax at home, grab some pizza and watch a nigerian movie on IrokoTv.  For those of you that don’t know what IrokoTv is; it is an online platform that provides Nigerian movies on demand. Anyway, I logged into my account and found so many new movies that I was yet to watch and the movie, Wrong kind of war caught my attention. So I pressed play, dimmed the room light and was ready to enjoy my IrokoTv & Chill night. Unfortunately for me, I didn’t know that I was about to waste two hours of my life! I guess I had high hopes for this movie because of the popular Nigerian actors starring in it and also because of the good Nigerian movies that I have seen recently.

This movie had me confused at the very beginning because they kept switching between the past and present with no clear indication of which it was. To make it even more frustrating, the movie was very slow. They wasted majority of the movie showing how Jethro and Susan’s relationship developed, even when most of the information was just irrelevant and very boring. No one cares about the details if it doesn’t have any connection with the storyline. Honestly, they could have deleted majority of the scenes from this movie without any impact on the storyline. If you really want to watch this movie, then I would suggest that you watch the first and last ten minutes of this movie and save yourself some time. You might also want to turn down the volume of the movie a little bit because they kept playing one annoying soundtrack throughout the movie.

Although I wouldn’t recommend this movie at all, I have to point out that the actors in the movie played their roles really well, especially Efe Irele that played the roles of Susan and Nkechi. She did a great job, as her acting was quite on point! Unfortunately, it was hard to enjoy the acting in the movie without noticing the really disappointing storyline.

Rookie’s rating of this movie is definitely a #FAIL.




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