Acrimony Review: Who was wrong?

So this movie definitely had me sitting at the edge of my seat. What I liked most about the movie was that it was very realistic in regards to the effect of love. J cole was definitely right when he said that strongest drug of them all is Love and we see this in Tyler Perry’s Acrimony. While it cannot be argued that Melinda had a borderline personality disorder as diagnosed later on by her therapist, it is also obvious that she is drunk on love.

Spending all her insurance money, paying his tuition, buying him a car, working multiple jobs, all to support her man’s dreams is definitely borderline crazy! Especially after she caught him cheating on her right after she bought him a car and damaged her ovaries at such a young age. I thought that would have been the end of their relationship and that dude would have been blocked from her life for good, but NO. Instead, she decided to marry him! What kinda drug was she on? Well my best guess here would be something as strong as love.  To make things worse, his ass  couldn’t get a job after they got married because he was an ex convict? Like who keeps that kind of shit from their wife for that long? Well, a man definitely trying to take advantage of a woman because I’m pretty sure that he did not just forget that he was an ex convict. So at this point of the movie, we have a man that clearly takes advantage of a woman that is madly in love with him. But it just does’t stop there.

Melinda still believes in his dreams enough to mortgage her mother’s house that was fully paid for, while Robert is still busy working on his batteries and sending letters to Prescott. Then she finds out that Robert reconnected with the same girl that he cheated on her with in college (don’t forget she lost her ovaries over this) and the same day, discovers that he finally had an interview with Prescott and turned their $800,000 offer down while they were about to become homeless. Let’s take a break here and allow all this to sink in for a minute, cause I am beginning to feel Melinda’s anger just by writing this. Anger was another dangerous drug that Melinda just couldn’t handle. So now we have a lady that is high on love and anger, and is resentful for everything that she has been through. She ends up kicking him out of the house and asking for a divorce. While it definitely sucks for Robert because he really wasn’t cheating on her and just couldn’t sell his dreams off to Prescott (which is also understandable), it is safe to say that anyone in Melinda’s shoes would have done the same thing (most likely years ago).

It definitely seemed like Melinda’s fate had been cursed because of how fast things turned around for Robert the minute she dropped him, with Prescott reconsidering and offering Robert $75 million while allowing him keep the IP for the batteries. When he came to her office and gave her the $10 million cheque along with her mother’s house that she lost, I nearly cried! For the first time in the movie, I saw him appreciate her and acknowledge everything she had done for him. A lot of men would not have done that, especially after she kicked him out, filed for a divorce and got back with her ex boyfriend, Devon. She also made it clear to him that they will never get back together before she saw that cheque, so it definitely seemed like Melinda had made the decision to move on from the past, until she found out about his success.

While Melinda had been trying to move on with Devon, it later became obvious to us that Robert had also been moving on with Diana, as she was there for him when he needed it the most! She gave him a place to stay when Melinda divorced him and left him homeless, and most importantly, supported him when it seemed like all hope was lost! Can you just imagine the feeling of working your whole life to get a big opportunity with a company and then they literally turn you down? I mean they offered him $800,000; but that was nothing compared to what it was really worth. It is important to note that when he was with Melinda, he had a woman that loved him and the hope that Prescott would make his dreams come true, but at the time he got with Diana, he had lost the woman he loved and was totally hopeless, hence my reason for saying that Diana was there when he needed it the most.

Diana was a good woman and Robert fell in love with her. They were already living together which made it even easier to get to know her pretty quickly and decide that he wanted to spend the rest of his life with her. To top it off, she was pregnant for him. Again, let us not forget that Melinda had made it clear to him that she had moved on.

If you have watched the movie, then you sure know how it ended. To answer the question of who I think was wrong in this movie, here it goes. From the beginning of the movie up until Melissa divorced Robert, He was wrong, but after the divorce, she was definitely wrong and here is why.

Robert gave Melinda $10 million dollars, but it does not change the fact that he took a advantage of her love for him till she divorced him. Divorcing him was Melinda’s way of finally acknowledging that he took advantage of her and putting an end to it. Yes it definitely sucks that Robert became successful after Melinda left him and that Diana  was reaping all the benefits of his success, Melinda had made it very clear to Robert that it was over between them.  And as painful as it must have felt for her, she should have accepted that he had moved on after the divorce and tried her best to do the same.




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  1. I dont think any of them was “right” or “wrong” aside the attempt to murder part…, life is a game with multiple outcomes, this movie just accentuated that fact…if you change any of the outcomes of the acts, the story plays out differently not necessarily because of what they did but external factors they probably had no control over or forsee. If Devon never reached out Diana because of their history, we would have labeled him a bad investment …actually he has a legitimate reason not to reach out to Diana. Lately I am beginning to realize that the obvious is not always true and our refusal to empathize even if it means looking foolish sometimes is what leads us to hasty conclusions and judging actions to be right or wrong

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