Avengers: Infinity War Review

Before I start talking about how totally amazing Avengers: Infinity war was, I just have to say that this is hands down the best movie that I have seen so far this year, and this is huge for me to say because I have seen a lot of great movies this year and have never really been into the marvel movies. Not that they are not great, but I just never got into them. I saw this movie two nights in a row and I’m currently contemplating seeing it again. It definitely deserved all the hype that it got and more.

I watched this movie in 3D on the opening night and then the standard version the night after. I would advise that you watch it in 3D, as that movie experience was much better. If you are anything like me that isn’t a big marvels fan, it might take you some time to understand what is going on and you will most likely feel a little left out when people are cheering for their favorite characters that you just know nothing about. But you will catch up, and if for some reason you don’t catch up quickly, then you would be too busy  enjoying the action of the movie to care about who is who.

From the beginning of the movie, you can feel the suspense and inevitable borderline action that would take place. There was no waiting for the movie to build up, because right from scene one, it was very interesting and captivating. For a movie with so much action taking place, it definitely had the perfect amount of humor in it. So if you like suspense, action and comedy, this is definitely a must-see.

The ending of the movie is unpredictable and I have heard some people complain about not liking or understanding  how it ended. For me, I thought the end of the movie was brilliant! I believe the best movies are those that have unexpected endings that just leave you totally wowed! There are so many great movies that have come out this year, but I cannot emphasize this enough. Avengers Infinity war is definitely a must see for all.

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