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Ex on the Beach USA Premiere Review

Mtv’s Ex on the Beach USA premiered on April 19, 2018. I have been so excited to watch this show because of all the reality stars in this one. This show features celebrities singles from AYTO, Real World, The Bachelor and Bachelorette, Bad Girls Club, Big brother and Vanderpump Rules. Most of the Exes on this show are from MTV’s AYTO, which makes it more interesting because they are also familiar faces. Okay, enough about the basics and lets get into the juicy premiere!

If you have not seen this episode, then I would advise you to watch it before reading this because Rookie is spilling all the tea! This show is definitely packed with so many hot singles, but can I just comment on how fine Cory is?! Pretty sure I am not the only one that feels that way about the biggest playboy in the history of MTV shows, with Taylor coupling up with him on the first day.

Now let me get this straight. Taylor complains about how Andre played her and broke her heart, but is on to the next ANDRE? Kudos to you girl! Hopefully she doesn’t expect anything better from Cory. Taylor and Cory are definitely not the only ones to couple up on day one, as Angela and Tor’i just can’t keep their hands anywhere but their bodies.

Is it just me or does it seem like there is just always someone on a couples show that doesn’t get the hint? Cause right from the jump, it was very obvious that Chase was just not into Victoria. I mean, she is a really pretty female, but damn, she’s thirsty. I was very surprised that she turned Chase down when he asked her for sex. Oh well, maybe he should have offered her some water first.

I haven’t really watched Romeo host any shows before but I’m very interested in how he would perform on this show. It’s also been a while since I have seen him on Tv, so welcome back Romeo! Now lets fast forward to when he informed the singles that they are actually on ‘Ex on the Beach’ and would be enjoying this awesome ‘singles’ vacation with their exes. Did you guys see how angry Angela was to see her ex, Derrick from AYTO? Girl, if you are that mad at your ex, then you ain’t ready for the next! When I heard that they broke up because Derrick slept with Alicia, I just couldn’t pretend to be surprised. Alicia seems like the female version of Cory. I mean, that’s probably why she is Cory’s ex. Anyone else notice how Alicia likes men that are #taken? I do!

Now what am I looking forward to in the next episodes? I definitely want to see how the Chase, Victoria and Skylar triangle plays out. It seems like Chase still has feelings for Skylar, so we would see how things play out with Victoria on the other end. Also can’t wait for the other triangle that I have seen in the previews of other episodes of Cory, Taylor and Alicia. Both Taylor and Alicia have very strong personalities so it would be fun to see how that plays out. Another triangle to watch out for would be Angela, Derrick and Tor’i cause those those two exes definitely still have some feelings there. Also can’t wait to see how the Shack of Secrets and elimination of the exes changes the game.



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